Williamsburg Northside School

Our School Mission

At Williamsburg Northside School, we believe all children are strong, capable individuals. Guided by this understanding, we welcome families into beautiful and flexible environments where children engage in independent and collaborative investigations. Our teaching community builds a unique curriculum from the children’s interests, their experiences with one another and the world in which they live. We honor authentic expression and diversity as we cultivate compassionate citizens who find joy in learning.

Why Northside is Brooklyn's Best Private School For You

What distinguishes Williamsburg Northside School from other private schools in Brooklyn? Begin your trip here to discover what makes our school unique, and you why our small class sizes, differentiated instruction, project-based learning, and student-centered curriculum may be the perfect fit for your family!

Teaching and Learning

Aude Quaerere . Dare to Ask. Our curriculum is rooted in this philosophy. We are a STEAM focused and project-based learning school that specializes in differentiated instruction in small classes. We encourage our students to ask questions, collaborate, explore, and think critically through the creative process to solve real-world problems through authentic projects.

Preschool 2s, 3s, Pre-K & Kindergarten

Our Preschool program is inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach to early childhood education and values each child’s individuality within the context of a community.


In our School's STEAM program, the "A" is for Arts, and is arguably the most significant feature of the program. The importance of Arts can not be overstated, as it provides students a well-rounded education of creativity, innovation, communication, and contemplation, which is in high demand in the modern workforce.

By the Numbers


Percentage of our admin, faculty, and staff who are fully vaccinated.


Percentage of our admin, faculty, and staff who are CPR and First Aid Certified.


Percentage of our admin, faculty, and staff who are MAT (medication administration training) Certified

What's Happening