Why Swivl?

Williamsburg Northside School’s commitment to providing equal access to all of its learners during the COVID-19 pandemic as well as ensuring the safety of its students and teachers has led us to the investment in Swivl technology. The addition of Swivl in each classroom throughout the school, allows Northside to continue to provide the same collaborative, engaging, individualized, and rigorous instruction while also giving parents the choice to have their students learn on-site or engage via live simulcast from home. Swivl, in conjunction with Zoom, will provide synchronous learning for all of our students.

Advantages of Swivl

  • Teachers can move freely while recording their lesson. 
  • Swivl can capture 360 degrees of a classroom environment.
  • Teachers can broadcast their classroom live with Zoom. Students at home can participate during live classes and students in class (on-site) can hear students from home.
  • Teachers can facilitate discussions and answer questions live from students at home and at school. The Swivl allows remote learners to interact with the class as if they were physically present.
  • Swivl provides great audio & video quality for students to fully engage during live lessons.
  • The Swivl C-Series comes with five microphones which allows the teacher to record audio throughout the learning environment. For example, during group work, the microphones can be placed at different work stations to capture students’ discussions or student and teacher interactions.

Note: Swivl will be used for Kindergarten – Grade 8.

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