Our preschool 2’s and 3’s programs are located at 152 North 5th Street, a three story building with a playground on the rooftop. There are nine large classrooms thoughtfully organized by each individual teacher based on the needs of each individual group. The classroom environment is looked upon as an important element in the education of the children and is often referred to as the third teacher. Furniture is arranged and materials are chosen with intent in order to stimulate, inspire, and challenge children. Classrooms feel both homey and welcoming, empowering children to engage with materials as independently as possible. The environment reflects the community, so blank slates in the beginning of the year change and evolve as the community comes together, interests emerge, and needs change.

The rest of our facilities offer ample opportunities for learning as well. Classes visit the art studio, located on the 3rd floor, weekly. There, children meet with the art teacher to engage and experiment with particular materials. The focus in this space is the process of art making and becoming familiar with the properties of materials. Through open exploration the goal is to help children feel confident using materials in an independent manner. Classes also visit the music room, located on the 2nd floor, once a week for music and movement. There, children are encouraged to express themselves using a variety of methods, including dance, song, theater, and instruments. Each class engages daily in gross motor opportunities by visiting either the rooftop or large gym space, located on the first floor. In both of these spaces children are encouraged to challenge their bodies by running, jumping, climbing the play structures, riding bikes and scooters, and more. Classes may also visit the rooftop to do work in the garden, play in the sprinklers, or have snack or lunch. There is a materials center located on the first floor that classes often visit to gather items needed for their work and there is a small library on the first floor for classes to enjoy as well.

We encourage you to visit us to experience all of these spaces for yourself.