Nicole Arndt

Nicole Arndt

Director of Teaching & Learning

At Northside since 2017

San Francisco State University , BA

Columbia University, MEd

Penn State University, MA

My Primary Roles at Northside:

I am the  Director of Teaching & Learning.

Since You Asked, Here’s What I’m Most Proud Of As An Educator:

The vast array of educational positions I’ve held and my two Masters degrees

Favorite Job Perk:

That everyday is new and exciting

What I Wanted To Be When I Grew Up (At Age 10):

I wasn’t worried about growing up and was fully consumed with childhood play and imaginary escapades.

What I Want To Be When I Grow Up (Now):

A world traveler.

When Not In The Classroom I Can Be Found:

Sailing, hiking, biking, skiing or partaking in city adventures.

Favorite Place In The Neighborhood:

The bike lanes

Favorite Place In The World:

Anywhere that my passport takes me!

Favorite Place In My Imagination:

I like to visualize the amazing places I’ve seen throughout my traveling adventures.

My Desert Island EDC (The handful of things you cannot live without):

I’m pretty adaptable to new environments so I would leave all my earthly belongings behind and crack a coconut and simply enjoy Island life.

I Knew I Wanted To Work At Northside When:

I met the faculty.

I Am An Educator Because:

I feel satisfied knowing that I can live a life inspiring others, adults and children, to better themselves and the world with knowledge.

Secret Dream Job:

A writer.

Favorite Book:

Sooo many!!! My most recent read, On Trails. An Exploration by Robert Moor.

Favorite Meal:

Anything Italian.

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