Karen Steele

Karen Steele

Preschool 3’s Teacher

At Northside since 2015

Goucher College, B.A. in Anthropology

Brooklyn College, M.A. in Early Childhood Education Brooklyn College

My Primary Roles at Northside:

I’ve been a student teacher, a Co-Teacher, and a Head Teacher since I started at WNS.

Most Memorable Moment at Northside:

In 2016 when the Pufferfish were the first class to play on the roof after a big snowstorm. It was amazing! Like being on the moon! Everything on the roof was transformed by the snow and we had it all to ourselves.

Since You Asked, Here’s What I’m Most Proud Of As An Educator:

Making sensory-art experiences a part of every classroom that I’ve been in.

Favorite Job Perk:

Spending the day with 3-year-olds getting to know the awesome teachers here at WNP. I’ve been a part of such great teaching teams.

Between You And Me (Hardly Anyone Knows That):

I was born on the 4th of July.

What I Wanted To Be When I Grew Up (At Age 10):

An artist.

What I Want To Be When I Grow Up (Now):

A teacher and an artist.

When Not In The Classroom I Can Be Found:

At home cuddling with my cats Chloe and Sabrina.

Favorite Place In The Neighborhood:

Williamsburg Thai on N 5th. Stop by for their amazing Pad Se Ew and tell them I sent you.

Favorite Place In The World:

Sitting in my brother’s backyard in LA spending time with my baby niece.

Favorite Place In My Imagination:

An empty beach on a warm day.

My Desert Island EDC (The handful of things you cannot live without):

I would bring my husband Ken and our two cats with me for sure. While we’re at it how about an unlimited supply of sushi to live on?

I Knew I Wanted To Work At Northside when:

I first learned about the Reggio Emilia philosophy in grad school.

I Am An Educator Because:

I love working with children and I want to change the world.

Secret Dream Job:

A children’s book author.

If I Weren’t In The Classroom:

I’d be traveling the world!

Favorite Book:

A Wrinkle in Time

Favorite Song:

Lately I’ve really been enjoying “Can’t Stop This Feeling” by Justin Timberlake. The Orcas introduced me to the Trolls soundtrack and now we have a dance party to it everyday.

Favorite Movie:

The Sound of Music was my favorite childhood movie and I still love it.

Favorite TV Show:

Gilmore Girls

Favorite Meal:


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