Anneris Abreu

Anneris Abreu

Preschool 2’s Co-teacher

At Northside since 2010

BMCC, Associates Degree in Early childhood education

My Primary Roles at Northside


Most Memorable Moment at Northside

The first time a parent expressed how much the whole family loved school. I want to be a part of that every day!

Since You Asked, Here’s What I’m Most Proud Of As An Educator

Being able to create positive and fun school memories with some of our youngest children.

Favorite Job Perk:

Summers and holidays off since I get to spend more time with my children.

Between You And Me (Hardly Anyone Knows That):

I’m afraid of the dark

What I Wanted To Be When I Grew Up (At Age 10)

A fashion designer

What I Want To Be When I Grow Up (Now)

A children’s fashion designer

Favorite Place In The Neighborhood

McCaren Park, I have been going there my whole life!

Favorite Place In The World

Our family home in the Dominican Republic

I Knew I Wanted To Work At Northside When…

I was studying early childhood education and I would walk by the preschool building on my way to the L train. I knew something great was happening inside.

I Am An Educator Because:

I learn something new about myself, the children in my class and our families every day of every school year!

Secret Dream Job

Owner of a fun and adorable children’s play space/small shop

If I Weren’t In The Classroom, I’d Be…

Cuddled on the couch at home watching a favorite movie with my kiddies

Favorite Song

“Brown Eyed Girl” by Van Morrison

Favorite Movie

Steel Magnolias

Favorite Meal

Rice and beans, fried plantains and a side salad with homemade dressing made by my grandmother

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