Angeline Espinal

Angeline Espinal

Preschool 3’s Co-Teacher

At Northside since 2010

My Primary Roles at Northside:

Co Teacher

Since You Asked, Here’s What I’m Most Proud Of As An Educator:

Being able to understand children and their capacities and being able to teach them while also learning from them.

Favorite Job Perk:

Getting to play with children.

Between You And Me (Hardly Anyone Knows That):

I laugh at my own jokes.

What I Wanted To Be When I Grew Up (At Age 10):

A ballet dancer.

What I Want To Be When I Grow Up (Now):

Continue working with children, specifically as a guidance counselor.

Favorite Place In The Neighborhood:

Qi Thai – I dearly love Thai food.

Favorite Place In The World:

Dominican Republic

Favorite Place In My Imagination:

A big, white, shiny, beautiful castle.

My Desert Island EDC (The handful of things you cannot live without):

My 7 year old son, music on my iPhone, and food.

I Knew I Wanted To Work At Northside When:

I saw how welcoming the environment and atmosphere felt

Secret Dream Job:

Working in the Fashion Industry.

If I Weren’t In The Classroom, I’d Be:

In an acting class somewhere.

Favorite Book:

The Secret

Favorite Movie:

The Notebook

Favorite Meal:


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