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Head of PK-8

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Columbia University, MEd
Penn State University, MA
San Francisco State University, BA

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Dear Families,

I believe that at the heart of every great school is a strong relationship between family and school faculty, a trusting partnership that we build through open communication. This partnership creates the foundation for your child that will ultimately support their academic and social growth, their willingness to take risks, and their pursuit of passions and interests in the world. I invite you to engage with me in developing this partnership, to share your hopes and dreams, knowing that I will be an additional support to guide your child’s education over the years.

At Northside, our graduates will be comfortable being uncomfortable, for they’ll recognize that resistance and friction are signals of growth, and they’ll consistently seek out opportunities to expand the definition of who they are. They will be future-ready, able to thrive in challenging situations because they have the confidence and the wherewithal to embrace an ever-accelerating pace of change and adapt accordingly. They will be well on their way to becoming life-long learners that know what happens inside the classroom is a catalyst for the never-ending exploration of what lies beyond the school-house walls. And, most importantly, they’ll be good, decent, and caring human beings that aren’t afraid to show some emotion, that are quick to offer a helping hand, and that recognize that encountering differing opinions and perspectives only makes them stronger.

As a long time school leader and classroom teacher, I bring an understanding for the traditions of schooling, as well as a passion for the possibilities and opportunities that a school can provide for each child. As educators, we are tasked with a great responsibility to prepare our students for an unknown future. What our graduates will need for the world is something we must imagine and prepare for. To do so, we embrace a trust in the best pedagogical practices, a flexible mind – set to new and innovative educational ideas, and a deep inquiry into the unique strengths and needs of each student. It is with this philosophy that I will work with the team to carve out a vision for the future of Northside.

I look forward to meeting you at an upcoming event!


Nicole Arndt
Head of PreK-8


A Middle School for Brooklyn and Beyond

The differentiating design question for the faculty and administration at Northside  is “How involved are our students in their learning?” This key value runs throughout the entire school. Middle School  students must feel empowered, challenged and intellectually respected. We believe that when students are engaged in the subject matter or skills they are mastering, their learning accelerates. 

With our new Middle School open, we are moving full steam ahead with the development of challenging classes, engaging student activities, and a new athletics program. Students at Northside will graduate as confident learners and enthusiastic participants in the world around them. They will be prepared for their futures at well-regarded high schools and beyond. 

At the core of our program is a commitment to three underlying principles. 

A Strong and Positive Sense of Community

Northside is built on a foundation of supportive students, parents, faculty, and administration. Therefore, we are designing a division based on the enrollment of two sections per grade. Close, meaningful relationships with teachers and peers are critical in the Middle School years which involve tremendous cognitive and physical growth. We know that our students will thrive in a community small enough that everyone knows their names and yet large enough to offer rich and exciting growth opportunities. 

Engaging and Challenging Academics

Research is clear that student engagement equals  student success. Tackling relevant psychological, philosophical, and political questions captivates Middle School students as it mirrors their desire to engage with the adult world. Building on the child-centered, interdisciplinary learning in our lower divisions, our Middle School students are now ready for more rigorous demands. Our carefully designed curricula will provide  our students with multiple opportunities to practice and refine the important skills of writing, reading, speaking, problem solving, and critical thinking thus building academic skills crucial to this stage of development. The key is that we embed these skills in an engaging curriculum.

These are the years where students discover new talents and passions. Athletics, drama, daily foreign language, community presentations, robotics, computer science, literary magazines, and other co-curricular offerings become focal points for their journey of self-discovery. The outcome is engaged, excited, and well-prepared learners.

A Committed Faculty with Demonstrated Expertise in the Middle School Years

The highest design aspirations cannot be met without a committed, knowledgeable faculty who enjoy the energy of Middle School students. Our teachers take responsibility for all of their students’ learning by assessing and addressing individual needs within  curriculum that allows for challenging each student to be comfortable being uncomfortable.

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