2015-2016 Afterschool Program – September 14 – January 28

The Afterschool Program is a teacher-directed, specialized program offered at the 299 N 7th Street Campus and supervised by WN teachers, Monday through Thursday from 3:00pm-4:30pm or from 3:00pm-5:30pm.

During afterschool, the children will receive a healthy snack and enjoy 45 minutes of enrichment class followed by down time and homework help, if requested, in the gym.

Our afterschool providers will periodically update families via our school’s SquareSpace blog, to keep you updated on the afterschool activities.


Floor Hockey (Pre-k): This Floor Hockey class will teach students the basic fundamental skills in a fun and safe environment. Skills and activities addressed will teach students teamwork and cooperation as well as teach them how to strike objects (ball or puck) with implements (hockey stick). Each activity taught will be fun and will promote self-confidence as well as successful learning.

Tumbling (Pre-k): The preschool tumbling class is designed to encourage whole body exercise and will emphasize learning in a fun and safe environment. The class meets once a week and will help children acquire coordination, balance, flexibility and fitness. Children will learn basic tumbling skills such as the forward and backward roll and other weight transfer concepts. Preschoolers will also be introduced to basic body positions such as squat, pike, straddle and tuck.

Spanish (Pre-k): Children will have fun learning Spanish with games, songs and activities! The classes will expose students to new cultures and ideas from around the world while learning vocabulary and basic conversation. ¡Ole!

Dance (Pre-k-Kindergarten): After school dance/creative movement will combine music with age-appropriate dance steps for a fun, active class that will aid in fostering children’s coordination, agility, and creative expression. Movement games, songs, props, and routines will all be incorporated to help the students explore rhythm, tempo, different styles of dance, such as jazz, ballet and hiphop.

Chess (Kindergarten-1st Grade): Back to Kindergarten and 1st grade by popular demand! In this chess course, children learn about the pieces, the board and how to “speak chess” (chess notation). Students learn the rules of the pieces and the game through designed stories to show why the pieces move the way they do and through physical activities where the students move their bodies like the pieces. This is a great opportunity to introduce the game and get kids excited. It’s always fun! The ultimate goal is to have children capable of playing a game of chess while using legal rules, and, at the same time, developing an appreciation for the game. Players of all experience levels are welcome!

Floor Hockey (Kindergarten-1st Grade): The K & 1st grade Floor Hockey program will build on the fundamental skills the students have already learned in PE class in a non-competitive environment. There will be a focus on skills such as stick handling, passing and shooting as well as very basic offensive and defensive strategies. Students will participate in fun, small-group, game-like activities and will work on teamwork and cooperation among groups. Each activity will build self-confidence and promote success for each student.

Cooking (Kindergarten-1st Grade): Children will prepare a wide variety of recipes that are tasty and fun. Children will increase literacy skills by learning culinary vocabulary and how to read recipes. Science and mathematics are naturally incorporated as students through making hypotheses and measuring and counting. Through the use of real culinary tools, students will continue to develop their fine motor skills and increase confidence. Children will also learn where their food comes from and connect with others through food. Students will have a delicious time learning!

Bricks 4 Kidz (1st- 3rd Grade): These specially tailored classes provide an open atmosphere for students to learn build and play. With LEGO bricks, students will explore science themes such as gears, torque and friction, geography, space exploration, and weather. These model projects are exclusive to this program and not available in stores. As their imaginations come to life, students will collaboratively construct new models each week while scaffolding problem-solving skills and building self-confidence– puns intended!

Floor Hockey (2nd-5th Grade): This floor hockey program will build on the fundamental skills the students have already learned in PE class in a semi-competitive environment. Students will practice skills already learned such as stick handling, passing and shooting and will learn defensive and offensive strategies used in the sport of Floor Hockey. Students will participate in small-group, game-like activities in the beginning of the year and will eventually progress to actual game-play at the end of the semester. This class will reinforce teamwork and cooperation among teammates and ensure the success of each student.

Programming (2nd-5th Grade): Students will gain comfort using iPads in educational ways, beginning with the guided use of the coding program, Hopscotch. Once students develop an understanding of how the software works, they will program short animated games of their very own. The games the children can program are 100% unique. Students will use what they learned on the iPad to help them begin programming games on Apple laptops through the web-based application, Scratch. The games that can be developed using Scratch are complex, and encourage students to be creative. Participants will increase their digital fluency and develop an understanding of what it means to be a computer programmer.

Circus Yoga (2nd-5th Grade): Circus Yoga blends the consciousness of yoga with the communal celebration of circus. It fosters connection, play and communication through Circus Skills (Juggling, Devil Sticks, and more), Group Games and Invention, Acrobatics, Flying Partner Yoga, Tightwire and Balance, and Creative Movement. Circus Yoga principles include courage, trust, connection, collaboration, deep listening, community and celebration.

Middle School Placement Test Review (4th-5th Grade): Gina Farrar, Head of Schools will be teaming up with City Smarts, a highly recommended tutoring and test preparation agency, to offer the opportunity for those students taking the ISEE (Independent School Entrance Exam) to have additional practice and guidance in their preparation for this placement exam used by many NYC independent schools. Please note that this course will meet for 10 sessions only.


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