The Infant and Toddler Center is inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach to Early Childhood Education. We believe that children, from the beginning of their lives, bring their own personalities, wishes, preferences, and curiosities to each experience. Therefore, each child’s interests are honored and integrated into the curriculum.

The Infant and Toddler Center specializes in meeting the needs of our youngest learners in a nurturing environment, where they are introduced to many different forms of play and media to broaden their understanding of the world around them. Children are encouraged to interact with their environment and with each other in a way that works to satisfy their curiosities. More than in a typical childcare setting, our specially trained teachers provide an emergent curriculum that focuses in on all areas of development, including feeding, napping, toilet training, rolling, crawling, walking, running, dancing, climbing, painting, pretending, block building, singing, socialization, communicating, and enjoying, just to name a few. Children are empowered to try out new things on a daily basis as they progress through developmental stages during this time of incredible growth in their lives. Our teachers are eager to support the process and to share the victories of each child with their family as they reach those milestones. In addition to what happens in the classroom, the classes receive music and art on a weekly basis.