Our schools reside in the heart of Williamsburg, Brooklyn. This truly unique and diverse community greatly influences our program’s desire to actively explore our neighborhood with the children throughout the school year. We build upon this interaction by exploring our city and discussing our world community and all of its richness. Frequent community walks and local shop visits expose the children to our diverse community and provide a rich source of learning experiences for children outside the classroom.

Even the youngest children are aware of and often have many questions about the differences in race, gender, and the physical abilities of others. At our school, awareness of differences is welcomed and children are taught to embrace diversity by the entire community. Teachers at Williamsburg Northside Schools will support students as they learn to advocate for themselves, build confidence and develop strong self-esteem.

Our faculty continuously analyzes materials and will discuss the messages being relayed regarding stereotypes. We believe our children should have the opportunity to see images within the classroom that reflect diversity within racial, ethnic, economic, gender and ability groups. When embracing diversity, our families are asked to actively participate in celebrating each child by sharing their own unique cultures and traditions within the classroom. We understand that each family and faculty member brings different value systems to our school and we work tirelessly to create a safe environment. Fairness and open communication are essential tools for embracing all differences.