Since 1999, Williamsburg Northside has served the dynamic and culturally diverse neighborhood of Williamsburg and surrounding communities in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and Queens. Founded as a progressive preschool by a small group of entrepreneurial educators, the school has grown over the past two decades to two age-appropriate campuses that serve nearly 350 students from Preschool through Grade 8.


All children are strong, capable individuals. Guided by this understanding, we at Williamsburg Northside welcome families into beautiful and flexible environments where children engage in independent and collaborative investigations. Our teaching community builds a unique curriculum from the children’s interests, their experiences with one another and the world in which they live. We honor authentic expression and diversity as we cultivate compassionate citizens who find joy in learning.

Core Values


We exchange ideas and work together to achieve common goals.


We recognize and understand our impact on others, demonstrate accountability for our actions, and work to create positive change.


We recognize, understand, and take pride in our own identity.


We are able to take risks, cope with disappointment, and persevere through challenges.


We value differences in people, care about the feelings of others, and consider diverse perspectives.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Statement

Our school should be a reflection of the neighborhood we serve, the city we live in, and the world we wish to create. We know that our community thrives when we create shared experiences among students, families, and faculty of varying perspectives, approaches, and opinions. Ours is a school that will forever respect and honor those differences, as we seek to build understanding and empathy in all who cross our threshold.