Williamsburg Northside Summer Camp 2019

Space Explorers

This summer, campers will take a trip into outer space! Using a playful and creative lens, campers will explore all that our solar system has to offer, and dig deeper into the wonder of the sun, moon, and stars! Children in our Preschool campus will also be treated to a daily dose of unstructured gross motor time on our spacious rooftop playground, and visits to our community garden, and sprinkler setup! Children in our PK- 8 campus will have a bonus Spanish and Chinese Immersion week of Space Odyssey.

Session 1 (June 24- July 3)  Planets
Session 2 (July 8 – July 12)  Stars
Session 3 (July 15 – July 19)  Moon
Session 4 (July 22 – July 26)  Space Travel
Session 5 (July 29 – August 2)  The Sun

Immersion Week (August 5 - August 9) Space Odyssey

Immersion is only for PreK-G4

Blast into the week as we explore all things space, a perfect finale to extend from the previous five sessions. Background knowledge of the space will make the immersion week a lot more tangible and understandable for levels of all learners. Language immersion works best when campers are engaged by interesting, real world content. Each day, in either Spanish or Chinese, activities and projects are carefully designed to maximize campers’ language input and output.

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Join Our Open House

Preschool 2s and 3s

Tuesday, March 5th, 8:30-9:30

Camp Director:
Amanda DiMeo


Incoming PK- Grade 7

Wednesday, March 6th, 8:30-9:30

Camp Director:
Matt Crane



Frequently Asked Questions

Can I leave my stroller at school when I drop off my child?

Yes! We have a designated a Stroller Parking Area in the back stairwell of our building where you are more than welcome to store your strollers, scooters, and helmets for the day.  However, please keep in mind that only umbrella-style folding strollers will be permitted in the stroller storage area.  Any and all strollers kept here must be folded and hung at all times. This area is an emergency exit and we need your help to keep the walkway clear and safe for all children, families, and staff.  

Will my child’s lunch be stored in a refrigerator during the day?

Yes! Lunches will be stored in our community refrigerators located in the kitchen. Refrigerator shelves will be labeled by class name, and lunches will be brought upstairs to the classroom by the child’s teacher.  Lunches that require reheating will be warmed in the microwave.

Where do I drop-off/pickup my child?

All campers will be dropped off and picked up in their own classroom.

What is the walking procedure around the neighborhood?

Campers at the preschool are fortunate enough to have their own rooftop playground, which makes getting plenty of sunshine and fresh air easy.  Due to this setup, classes will not travel outside of the building unless a special trip is planned in advance and extra counselors are available for assistance.   

Does my child have to be potty-trained? If my child is not potty-trained, do I have to supply diapers?

No! Campers at the preschool do not need to be potty-trained prior to beginning camp.   Additionally, diapers and wipes are provided by our school, but you can of course choose to bring in your own if you prefer.

Lower School

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I leave my stroller at school when I drop off my child?

Unfortunately, we do not have a space to store strollers during the school day. We do have scooter racks that children can park their scooters or bikes for the day.

Will my child’s lunch be stored in a refrigerator during the day?

We do not refrigerate campers’ lunch. Lunch boxes will be stored in backpacks or cubbies and we recommend that campers keep ice packs inside their lunch boxes. We also cannot microwave lunches, please pack accordingly.

Where do I drop-off/pickup my child?

Prekindergarten and Kindergarten students are dropped off and picked up at their classrooms. Campers who are entering 1st grade and older will be dropped off in the lobby and picked up at the Meeker Street entrance. If your child is enrolled in after camp, they will be picked up in the lobby.

What is the walking procedure around the neighborhood?

Each class will leave the building without a minimum of two teachers. We take routes with the least foot traffic and are very conscientious of traffic patterns and busy intersections. Teachers will travel with emergency contact list and first aid kit at all times.