Policies & Procedures

Attendance Policy

Being on a team is a serious commitment, it requires ones time and devotion. As such, attendance on an athletic team is key, and missing practice time is very similar to missing a day of class; athletes fall behind quickly and it becomes very difficult to catch up. We expect athletes to be present as often as possible, and any absence should be communicated to their coach well in advance of the missed event so they can properly management the team.

If an athlete misses three team practices/games combined, a conversation with the athlete and their coach will take place to understand the various absences. The Director of Athletics will also be involved and will loop in the parent(s) in order to understand the problem and to brainstorm solutions. If the issue persists, the athletes standing on the team may be at risk.

In accordance with the Absentee Policy noted in the Parent Handbook, any student who is absent for a day of school will not be allowed to attend practice/game on that particular day. If the student misses half a day, they are still eligible for participation as long as they were at school by 12:00 pm.

Spectator Code of Conduct

Being a fan, a supporter and a spectator of our athletes comes with some responsibilities. Northside has adapted the New York State Association of Independent Schools (NYSAIS) Spectator Code of Conduct for our Athletic Events.

The mission of the NYSAIS Athletic Association is to foster the quest for excellence by creating an educational and competitive experience within an atmosphere of sportsmanship. Successful programs develop individual and team potential by promoting high standards of competence, character, civility, and citizenship.

NYSAISAA promotes standards of fair play and ethical behavior. We encourage all athletes, coaches, parents, and spectators to support teams and game personnel in a positive manner at all times. We ask that you show your support for all involved in athletic competition by cheering for your respective teams, in a positive manner and by abiding by the following Code of Conduct.

  1. I understand that the ultimate goal of interscholastic athletics is to provide an enjoyable experience for all.
  2. I will be a positive role model by encouraging good sportsmanship.
  3. I will respect the game officials by refraining from addressing them or questioning their decisions.
  4. I will support the coaches by trusting their judgment and integrity.
  5. I will respect the rules of the venue of the athletic contest.
  6. I understand that I may be asked to leave the athletic contest if I do not adhere to this Code of Conduct.

Special Note: On a serve in volleyball games and free throws in basketball games, the crowd is to refrain from loud sudden noises.

Uniform Return Policy

As a member of an athletic team, students will receive a team uniform at the start of the season. This uniform should be brought with them to all athletic competitions and is the responsibility of the athlete throughout the duration of the sports season. At the completion of a season, uniforms are due back to the Athletic Department within one week of the last team meeting.

Returned uniforms should be laundered and in a playable condition for use in subsequent seasons. Students with unreturned uniforms will be billed at the cost of the uniform so that a replacement can be ordered.

Athletic Consent and Transportation Release

If your child participates on an athletic team, please make sure to sign the Athletic Consent and Transportation Release forms on Veracross.