K-8 Arts

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Through this course, students will explore and practice a wide range of media and techniques considering different possibilities in art-making. In addition to being introduced and gaining proficiency by working with a spectrum of visual arts (drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, mixed media), students will learn more about the art history, contemporary art, and interpretation of art to gain ability to perceive and analyze art with critical thinking. Students will be encouraged to experiment, create, and present their unique ideas and artistic practices, as they think constructively in regards to the art knowledge and practices. Students will produce artwork that manifests creativity and technicality.  

Lower School Art Course Objectives

Students will:

  • Explore various types of art materials

  • Be introduced to different types of art techniques 

  • Learn, review, and describe the art elements and design principles

  • Discover art history and contemporary art and different artistic styles

  • Find solutions to various artistic problems

Lower School Art Overview

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