Lower School Art

All students at the Lower School, Prek-Grade 5, have an opportunity to visit the studio each week. In grades K-5, students have two dedicated art experiences each week: Studio Art and Integrated Art.

Studio Art follows a developmental curriculum that introduces our students to both the practice and history of art-making.

Every week, students learn about new materials and techniques and have plenty of opportunities to practice and master them. We also learn about artists, the history of art, artistic vocabulary, and how artists work in the world.

Finally, students learn how to reflect on what they see and what they make. Studio Art is taught based on the principles and practices of Teaching for Artistic Behavior, or TAB, and using the Studio Habits of Mind. Students are given the skills, support, resources, space, and time to respond to their own interests and ideas through art-making.

They will have opportunities to explore drawing, painting, collage, printmaking, sculpture, fiber arts, clay, and digital media.

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