Beyond Northside

In 2018 Northside launched its middle school program. We are proud of the results obtained by the thirteen members of Northside’s inaugural graduating class, the Class of 2021.

Everything we do builds to prepare our students for entry into an impressive range of the top high schools in the city and make the journey to a new home for our students as simple, uncomplicated, and stress-free as possible.

Schools of Accepted Students

  • *Avenues: The World School
  • *Basis Brooklyn
  • *Berkeley Carroll School
  • *Brooklyn Friends
  • *The Calhoun School
  • The Dwight School
  • The German School of Brooklyn
  • Grace Church School
  • Garden School
  • The Masters School
  • +Friends Seminary
  • +Little Red School House and Elisabeth Irwin High School (LREI)
  • +The Packer Collegiate Institute
  • +Poly Prep Country Day School
  • +Saint Ann’s
  • The Spence School
  • +The Winchendon School

*Indicates two students were accepted       +Indicates three or more students were accepted

Students graduate from our program as well-rounded, articulate, confident, and morally responsible individuals prepared to meet the challenges of a demanding secondary education and continue on the path of lifelong learning.

During the Exmissions process at Northside, we partner with students and families to provide the personalized tools and resources to identify high school options that will match and challenge individual interests and needs. Whether a student seeks a public or independent school, we offer guidance about all aspects of the search process.

Students at Northside will graduate as confident learners and enthusiastic participants in the world around them. They will be prepared for their futures at well-regarded high schools and beyond. Northside alumni/ae get accepted and go on to attend the best schools in NYC. 


Parents share their recent exmissions experience at Northside

Students share their recent exmissions experience at Northside


Northside has established relationships with many high school admissions officers so we can advocate for our students.

Exclusive Spring and Fall events hosted by other Independent School Admission Directors and organizations like The Parents League of New York and Admit NY occur to provide a variety of opportunities for students and parents; learning about high schools, understanding what you value and are passionate about, and connecting with admission directors. 

High school admissions officers know that our goal is simply to help students get to know schools, and for the admissions teams to get to know our students from a school perspective. 

Schools that have spoken exclusively with our students include: Avenues, The Packer Collegiate Institute, LREI, Poly Prep, The Nightingale - Bamford School, Loyola School, and The Berkeley Carroll School.

(Left) Imani Majied, Director of Multicultural Outreach & Enrollment at Hotchkiss. (Right) Elie Deu, Northside's Head of School.

Furthermore, what sets Northside apart is our partnership with Private Prep, which provides guidance to our families on secondary school tests like the ISEE and helps demystify the process and help our students thrive. Private Prep’s Upper-Level ISEE Preparation Course is for 7th grade students at Northside who will need to take the ISEE exam for high school entrance. This course covers all concepts frequently tested on the Upper-Level ISEE Exam and integrates relevant concepts and strategies throughout. Prior to the first class, students take a diagnostic to establish a baseline score and areas for growth. The program includes two practice tests, materials, and fourteen 90-minute sessions with ISEE highly qualified and trained tutors. Performance Prep is also an aspect of the course curriculum and teaches mindfulness, motivation, and stress-management to stay calm under pressure. 

Learn more about the ISEE Exam

Summer Programs 

We’re dedicated to helping our students identify summer enrichment opportunities to explore their academic interests and spark new passions that excite them — the arts, engineering, science, leadership, literature, or debate — and find new friends who are just as passionate and curious as they are. Many summer programs offer both residential and commuter options, and students can stay in dorms with their peers or commute from home if they live close to campus. At academic summer programs, students must work together on projects and support each other through assignments and new lessons. These experiences, in addition to recreational social activities, help students to make new friends, develop their empathy, and improve communication skills, critical thinking skills, and dedication to specific subjects. By attending an academic summer program, students can build upon the skills and experiences that high schools consistently look for in applicants.

Summer programs of accepted students:

  • Hotchkiss Summer Portals