Affording Northside

$1.5 Million awarded in financial aid

We are strongly committed to ensuring that a student’s ability to access a first-rate education should never be limited by their family’s ability to pay full tuition.  

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Deciding to enroll at Northside is a significant financial commitment for any family, and it’s representative of a desire to invest wisely in a child’s future.

We are fortunate to be able to offer a generous financial aid program to the families that join our community, and we strive to do our absolute best to put a Northside education within reach of the entire socioeconomic spectrum of New York City. We do this because we firmly believe that to prepare young people to meet the demands of an unpredictable tomorrow, we must challenge them to consider perspectives other than their own today.


2022-2023 School Year Tuition & Fees

Tuition Refund Plan

Because the financial commitment of enrollment is for an entire year, Northside offers a Tuition Refund Plan. For a charge of 3 percent of the total tuition, parents may insure themselves against liability for unused tuition. View more information about our Tuition Refund Plan.

Financial Aid FAQ's

How to Apply for Financial Aid

The process of applying for financial aid at Northside runs parallel to our admission process, but they are, by design, two separate applications with varying deadlines that should be noted.

For New Families 

Indicate your interest in exploring the aid process by checking the Financial Aid box on our application. Families that select this option will automatically be sent a link to our partners at School & Student Services from the National Association of Independent Schools. Parents seeking to learn more about the SSS process prior to completing the Northside application can visit the School & Student Services site.

For Returning Families

  • Complete and submit the online Parents’ Financial Statement form and any and all documents specified on the SSS application.
  • Please pay special attention to the financial aid deadlines listed above, as Northside will always give priority to the families that have completed their paperwork on time. While it is not impossible to receive an aid package post-deadline, Northside will be limited in what it can offer families after these dates have passed.

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