Our Programs

Preschool 1s, 2s & 3s

Northside's program begins in the child's first year, and continues on through Kindergarten. Through the 2s and 3s year, there is a strong focus on social and emotional growth, with a healthy separation being of the utmost importance in the early months of the school year. For many children, this will be their first time in a traditional classroom setting and away from the one-on-one care of a parent or caretaker, and therefore the teachers' goal is to help children begin to understand that they are part of a larger society. Teachers guide their children to find their individual niche within the classroom community, and to notice and appreciate each other's differences. Engagement in a variety of multi-sensory activities and regular daily routines help children build comfort and gain confidence in their new school setting. 

In the 3s year, teachers build upon the social and emotional development of younger years by broadening the children's understanding of community to include the greater school and Williamsburg community. Focus is also given to growing their sense of independence, and taking deeper dives into ongoing project work, as teachers begin to encourage investigations into early literacy and mathematical concepts. 

PreK and Kindergarten

Marking the start of the traditional elementary school experience, PreK and Kindergarten at Northside are crafted to include a blend of creative and academic experiences designed to prepare our students for what is yet to come. PreK and K students continue to exercise autonomy over their learning objective of goals, fostering the development of active, engaged, and confident life-long learners. 

In addition to meeting all NY State learning standards for PreK and Kindergarten, Northside teachers draw inspiration and guidance from a few research backed curriculums: 

  • Responsive Classroom (Toddlers through Kindergarten)
  • Fundations by Wilson (PreK)
  • Singapore Math (PreK and Kindergarten)
  • Read Well (Kindergarten)


While time spent engaging in project work is a critical part of the school day, all aspects of the preschool schedule are filled with opportunities for skill building and learning. Teachers are guided by the developmental milestones set forth by the New York State Early Learning Guidelines, as well as their own professional experiences, to provide opportunities that help each student to meet developmentally and age-appropriate expectations while also challenging them accordingly.

Consistency and predictability within the preschool daily schedule is a crucial factor in building community and relationships among peers and adults alike. While there is flexibility in routine, the components of the day remain the same from class to class. Each class participates in group conversations at morning assembly, engages in project work, engages in unstructured gross motor exercise on our rooftop or in our indoor gym. Ample time is allotted for meals, play, read-alouds, rest time, bathroom breaks, as well as our line up of in house enrichments: world language, art studio, music and movement.