Student Support

At Williamsburg Northside School, our mission is to promote true learning based on specifically identified needs, and provide high quality interventions, in Reading, Writing and Mathematics, where all students are empowered to reach their individual potential, and trust their unique abilities.

The Student Support Team or SST works with students, both directly and indirectly, to provide academic and emotional support. At the same time, SST works closely with classroom teachers and faculty members to implement strategies that promote academic success. We offer responses to student needs like: Reading intervention programs,  Math enrichment groups, and Writing Mechanics support. 

A student who has been identified with a diagnosed learning disability, a formal learning plan is put into place by the Student Support Team with detailed strategies, data driven interventions and accommodations for the classroom and home. The level of support varies by division. Eligible students work with the learning specialist and/or the school psychologist to develop academic skills and socio-emotional (or behavioral) strategies. 

Middle School

In the Middle School, Northside encourages and helps students develop self-awareness and self-advocacy skills. Students monitor their own understanding and ask questions as they take ownership of their learning and personal learning goals.

When students find themselves facing academic challenges, we encourage them to reach out to their teachers for extra help. Seeking this help is an important part of the skills Middle-schoolers need to develop as some can be shy about approaching adults for assistance. These extra help meetings may happen individually or in small groups, led by the learning specialist, may be done during study hall periods, and/or available times led by subject area teachers or advisors. If needed, teachers arrange meetings with students before or after school.


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