Singapore Math

Problem solving is the central focus of the Singapore Mathematics Curriculum Framework.

(Image Source: Math in Focus®)

Assessments in Math in Focus® measure three levels of knowledge:

  • Type I items assess students’ grasp of concepts, skills, and procedures.
  • Type II items assess students’ ability to demonstrate mathematical reasoning through statements, arguments, or justifications.
  • Type III items assess students’ ability to demonstrate their understanding of problems with real-world contexts.

(Image Source: Math in Focus®)

The CPA Approach


    This highly effective framework introduces concepts in a tangible way and progresses to increasing levels of abstraction.


    • Classroom activity
    • Tangible items
    • Manipulatives


    • Students are shown a visual representation of the problem
      • Picture
      • Number bond
      • Bar model


    • Students are then shown an equation of the problem
      • In the upper grades, students will derive the formula or equation themselves

    Course Outline