Preschool Arts

Preschool Art

Engaging with art materials is a vital way for children to actively learn about and make sense of their world. Children at the preschool visit a dedicated art studio space and meet with a full time art faculty member to explore methods of creation, materials, and theory often within an art historical context.

Through open-ended exploration, children will be guided through process-based investigations to become acquainted with the qualities and properties of materials.

This in turn helps children to establish the knowledge and understanding necessary to choose materials that will best suit their artistic goals, be them representational or nonrepresentational, both now and in the future.


preschool students painting in our art studio

Topics that emerge from the classrooms are often expanded on and supported by studio work, allowing students to confidently articulate what they are learning through the visual arts. The studio is a wonderful and messy space in which children will become choice-makers as they find their own unique visual voice.

Preschool Music

In young children, music and movement is a fundamental means of self-expression. Every child’s natural interest in music is fostered through emphasis on process (rather than product or performance), creating music, music appreciation and musical games. The joy children feel when they first explore sounds and movement is the foundation for a long musical life. Such core concepts as rhythm, melody, and structure are revealed through games and improvisation. Each year, children revisit the concepts they learned during the previous year, adding new skills and deepening their experiences.

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