After School & Extended Care

Preschool After School & Extended Care Program 2023-2024

After School is an enrichment-based, specialized program offered at the 152 North 5th Street Preschool Campus. The After School and Extended Care programs are assisted by Northside faculty Monday through Friday 3:00 pm- 5:25 pm. After School runs 300-4:25 and Extended Care runs 4:25-5:25. All After School outside vendors and instructors have gone through interviews, reference checks, and background checks, and are supervised and evaluated by the Williamsburg Northside administrative team. The After School program will run Monday to Friday with days off when school is not in session. Most instructors will be full time Northside faculty members.

Monday- Creative Movement

This whole-body movement experience challenges children to explore all the ways they control and move their body. Wriggling, rolling, balancing, jumping, skipping, twirling, turning, spinning, hopping, swaying, stamping, rocking, bouncing, kicking, twisting, sliding, hanging upside down, starting, stopping and falling and more! Through music, rhythm, and song children will deepen their understanding of their body’s strength and resilience!

Tuesday- Science

Children will become super scientists when they meet for a mix of sensory and scientific exploration each week in Super Sensory Science! Exciting scientific concepts like buoyancy, changing states of matter, chemical reactions, and more will be brought into the classroom. We will be approaching investigations through kinesthetic and tactile learning so children can engage in the most sensory ways possible.

Wednesday- Soccer with Born Kickers

Born Kickers will provide our children with an entry point to learn soccer and physical education through fun and engaging sessions packed with active exercises. In these classes, both age groups will gain practice and familiarity with basic motor skills of soccer, and a fun introduction to organized athletics! investigations to become more acquainted with the qualities and properties of art tools and concepts.

Thursday- Art

The studio is a wonderful and messy space in which children will become choice-makers as they find their own unique visual voice! Through open-ended exploration, children will be guided through process-based investigations to become more acquainted with the qualities and properties of art tools and concepts.

Friday- Little Chefs

All children will get to safely explore the basics of cooking in this class, following child-safe and appealing recipes and kitchen projects each week. Cooking involves so much of young children’s cognition – from recipe following, to measuring, to changing states of matter. This class will also challenge their physical abilities, as these afterschool students will be called on to cut, mix, pour, and lift – but best of all, it’s fun and delicious! All children will have hands-on, safely-supervised, and
developmentally appropriate weekly experiences.