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Executive Administrative Assistant & Director of Afterschool

Erika Soler


A Message from Erika Soler

Dear Northside Families,

We are back for another fun-filled semester. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your support and love; it’s the Northside way.

My name is Erika Soler and I am the Director of the WNS Afterschool Program. I have served in this role since 2018 and have built relationships with families, teachers, vendors most importantly your children, building relationships is the key to success.

I am so excited for our Spring semester, and can’t wait to see all the the new clubs that will be running In the Spring our Owls are superstars their talents are limitless. Our Afterschool program is taught by our most caring and talented faculty and vendors. We designed our program to provide fun and relaxing classes for students in grades K-8, in addition to several enrichment courses. We offer classes such as drama, robotics, coding, art, cooking to say the least, they are busy making movies, debating, learning Chess, Poker, the list goes on. We want the best offerings for our owls. It is my honor to welcome you to our Spring 2023 Afterschool program. I hope to see you there, and invite your friends!!! Sky’s the limit, my owls!

I hope my families enjoy this catalog, and please feel free to reach out to me with any questions you have regarding our Afterschool Program.

Erika Soler
Director of Afterschool
Phone: 1-347-754-2790

K-8 After School Schedules & Descriptions