Northside Teacher, Angela Hiner, Wins Medal in NYC Marathon!


Northside Teacher, Angela Hiner, Wins Medal in NYC Marathon!

We would like to congratulate our very own Middle School English teacher, Angela Hiner, for her amazing performance and finish in the NYC Marathon this past weekend. Way to go, Angela!

We asked Angela a few questions to learn more about her passion for running, preparation, dedication, and future marathon goals.


Q) How long have you been running marathons?

A) My first marathon was the 2005 Detroit Marathon, which I ran when I was 21 years old.  I'd completed five marathons by 2013, when I developed ulcerative colitis, a condition similar to Crohn's disease.  For years I was not sure if I would be able to run another marathon, but by 2019 my health was strong enough to train for the NYC Marathon.


Q) What were your training preparations?

A) I was planning on running the 2020 NYC Marathon, which was cancelled.  I still ran a ton during the pandemic, so I had a good base for training and felt good about my potential to do well this year.  Then, in August I tripped and fell, landing hard on my left knee.  I had to take a full month off running for it to heal.  At that point, my original goals seemed out of reach, but I did my best to build my mileage back up in preparation for the race.


Q) Why do you enjoy running?

A) I enjoy being outside, pushing myself and finding community through running.  I am lucky to have a hobby that I love and friends to share it with.


Q) What were your goals for this marathon? Do you feel you met or exceeded those goals?

A) I finished the 2019 NYC Marathon in 3:47:29 and wanted to take ten minutes off that time.  When I told people that, they encouraged me to round down to 3:35, so that became my goal.  Once injured, I was hopeful I'd make it to the finish line at all, but closer to the race day I began feeling really confident.  I decided to go out at 3:35 pace (8:10/mile) and hope for the best, knowing I might not be able to sustain it.  I ended up crushing my goal.  I felt great at the start and pushed myself to hold a steady pace throughout the race.  My finish time was 3:25:11 -- my personal best.


Q) Any plans for your next marathon?

A) My time meets the qualifying standard for the Boston Marathon, so that's next!