COVID-19 Health & Safety

Protecting the health and safety of our students, faculty, and staff is at the center of our plans for a safe return to the Nest this fall. We have developed practices and protocols for health screening, social distancing, and a myriad of additional safety measures.

All employees and students will be required to wear CDC compliant face coverings during the school day.

Classroom Configuration

We have reconfigured our spaces for greater safety.

We are fortunate to have ample classroom spaces to accommodate all of our students on both of our campuses at the same time. Students will be placed in smaller cohorts based on social distance and the maximum number of students in each class.

Student COVID-19 Vaccination Requirements

Beginning January 14th, 2022, all students ages five and above are required to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19

Having all members of our K-8 campus, students and adults, fully vaccinated will continue to keep our community healthy and safe and greatly advance our efforts to a return to more normal schooling. A fully vaccinated K-8 campus also allows our youngest students to move more freely and easily through our building. 

Table Dividers

Student COVID-19 Testing

All students must be tested twice a month and can upload their results if they choose to take the tests at home. If you prefer to have your child tested here at school, we have two options:

  1. Students in grades 7-8 can receive the nasal swab. Dates for testing will be on our calendar. In order to be tested, parents must upload their permission forms and insurance.
  2. Students in the 2s-6th grade can partake in Saliva Pool Testing. We will test 48 students per week per campus. Here is a video that shows how the saliva test works: instructional videos from Saliva Clear.  

Infrared Camera

We use an infrared body temperature camera to screen all students and employees each day upon arrival. 

We will monitor signs and symptoms throughout the day and have designated additional space in case community members need to quarantine during school hours.

Infrared Camera Video For Temperature Check

Other Safety Measures

In addition to configuring spaces for socially distanced classroom usage, each classroom is equipped with sneeze guards at every table, true HEPA air purifiers, sanitizer hand dispensers, body temperature devices, UV sanitizing equipment, such as UV Wands, and UV boxes for hard to clean toys. 

HEPA Air Purifiers

UV Toy/Equipment Box Sanitizers

Health and Safety Photos

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